I’m a stellar Blogger with Zero Followers :)

By: geb0541

Oct 02 2011

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Focal Length:32mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Okay, so, it’s my third day of trying to post every day in the month of October, and so far I’ve been successful! But, all three of these days have been weekend-days, so I don’t know how it’ll go this week. I might switch to the once-a-week plan.

Today’s weather is perfect fall weather. It’s not too cold, but chilly enough to warrant the wearing of leggings with my skirt and long sleeves. The air is crisp, and it smells beautiful. I love the smell of air in autumn- it’s better than spring air because spring air brings spring allergies…

I was inspired- partly by the fresh air, and partly by my desire to NOT do homework- to take some photos outside. I raked the few leaves we have on the front lawn, and tried to capture a photo that I liked, to be honest. That’s all. I realized after that my photo described the innocence of the new fall that I was feeling. But, I believe strongly that the best art, if that’s what you will allow me to call my non-professional photography, is captured by mistake. You can’t understand what you’re doing at the time, it just has to happen to you. You might realize later why you captured what you did- whether with words, paintings, photos, whatever- but then again, you might not.



One comment on “I’m a stellar Blogger with Zero Followers :)”

  1. Your a good writer i like what you wrote

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