I’ve only ever taken a train from upstate NY to NYC, and my imaginative brain decided that it would be really cool to take a train vacation someplace I’ve never been before. All this harks back to my fascination with the American Girl series, and my favorite American Girl, Kit Kittredge. Kit was a super-spunky little girl, who had big dreams to become a reporter and photojournalist, even though she lived during the Depression. What’s not to love about her? She won a train trip from her home town all the way to Glacier National Park, including stops on the way to horse farms and Chicago’s Worlds Fair. Even though I’m a little bit older, I still haven’t forgotten about those fantasies. I thought it would be cool to take a mother/daughter trip to celebrate my graduation this summer! But let me tell you, these sorts of trips are not easy to plan.

First, I thought maybe we could go into Canada. I’ve only been once, and that was five minutes inside the border we could see into the US from where we were! Almost not worth going through customs and everything. I hear it’s beautiful, especially in the countryside, and would love to visit Montreal and Quebec and everything, too. However, if you want to take a train in Canada, you need to take one into Montreal, then switch to a Canadian train at the Montreal station. That makes for a really long trip, and I don’t know where I’d even want to go, so I switched my train of thought (sorry) back into the US.

Next, I thought I might like to go to Cincinnati- that’s where Kit lived, you know. I soon found out that the only trains into Cincinnati from the East coast get in at 3:00 am. What are you supposed to do then?! Walk the streets until morning? And, if you want to take a sleeping car there, book now. They get booked out for months at a time. Plus, they’re super expensive. So, now my vacation plans are back to nowhere. Maybe I’ll go to Montreal after all.

<sorry for the boring post, I’m new at this. very new.>


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