Monday, I should be sleeping

By: geb0541

Jul 12 2011

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Hey! I wanted to blog yesterday, and the day before that, but I ran out of time! There’s so much to write, but again, there’s no time. There is a very busy schedule planned for all of us at WJMC, and it’s really fun, I’m learning a lot, but it’s so tiring! Lots of girls are complaining about sore feet, but luckily I’m okay so far in that department.

Saturday, I continued touring with my family in Washington DC. We went back to the Natural History Museum, and also went to the Spy Museum. Then, in the evening, we went on a walking our of the monuments. It was a lot of walking!

The first photo below is from the FDR Monument. One of the sections in the monument deals with FDR’s war experience. The stones are imprinted with one of his quotes, “I hate war.” The FRD memorial is my favorite. It’s very modern, and captures the emotion of all the difficult times FDR had to lead the nation through as president such as the Great Depression and WW2.

The second photo is of the Washington Metro system. It’s a lot cleaned than the NYC Metro!

Sunday was the first day of the conference. I have already met a ton of amazing people! There are kids here from all over the country. There are a few girls in my color group with southern accents, so we like to compare the “weird” things that are unique to each section of the country. Today, I laughed that their winters are only a few weeks, but they laughed about how it doesn’t get that hot up North!

We listened to a speaker after dinner named Chris Cillizza. He spoke for a short time, but stuck around to answer questions. What I took most out of his presentation was that it is okay to not know what you want to be when you grow up yet. All of us are going to be seniors, and we have to make the big decisions about where to go to college and what to major in, and that’s scary. But Mr. Cillizza told us how he majored in English, took his first job as a secretary, never thinking he would be involved in journalism. But now he works organizing a blog (The Fix) for the Washington Post! He is very successful, even though he didn’t know wend into college not knowing what he wanted to do.

Today we were busy all day! Our main activity was going to the Newseum, which was great. I’d been before, but there was still tons of new stuff to see. When we got back to campus, we had long (very long) discussion in our color groups. We talked a lot about the 9/11 exhibit, which was very emotional for all of us because we were only in second grade, and this was the first time for most of us that what happened really sunk in. It was a tragic day for the country, and everyone has a different perspective on it. I loved hearing what other kids our age had to say about it.

Finally, we listened to two speakers in small groups. My first session was with a man named Mark Hopson. He talked to us about intercultural communication. He is a professor at the university, and talked to us about  not discriminating against people of other cultures. One question he made us think about was, “How does what you think about people influence how you treat people?” I really enjoyed what he had to say to us.

My second speaker was Michael Shear. He worked for the Washington Post for a while, and mostly just talked to us about his experience as a journalist. It was very informal, but he took a lot of time to answer everyone’s questions fully, which was definitely appreciated.

There’s another busy day tomorrow! I have to get to sleep!


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